Best time to visit Nepal

Fresh air and clear skies are the main reasons why October to November is the best time to visit Nepal. Views during this period are scenic, so trekking is perfect. Autumn also hosts two major holidays, Dashain and Tihar. December to early February are relatively warm in the daytime and freezing at night.

Similarly the fun of trekking is when you can trek without any hindrances in the most favorable climatic conditions getting blessed with whatever the nature has to offer you! Your trekking experience becomes the best when it is neither too hot nor too cold and you get the best views of the enchanting mountains in the lush environment. Flower blossom adds to your trekking experience making your trip fantastic. Here we divide four seasons of a year explaining their suitability for trekking in Nepal.

Autumn season (September to November)

This season is the highly preferred and the most favorable period for Tour and Trekking in Nepal. The weather is dry, stable and very clear. In this season; you will be showered with each and every beauty of Nepal. From the clear views of the splendid mountains, rivers, waterfalls to lush hills and forests, you can taste every aspect of Mother Nature in its best form in the moderate temperature condition.

Winter season (December to February)

The winter season is best to visit main cities such as Kathmandu and Pokhara including lowland area such as Lumbini and Janakpur or Chitwan and Bardia National Parks as temperature is mild and warm. The weather is dry and settled but cold in Mountain region. Trekking in high altitude is not recommended as it is very cold and snow covers almost everything. But, winter fall can be a good season for trekking in low elevation regions. You can see the clear views of the magnificent mountains and cherish the natural splendor of Nepal.

Spring season (March to May)

Spring seasons is the second most high season after the Autumn and is the best time for Mountaineering Activities  as well as hiking and trekking in Nepal.  The temperature is moderate and the environment is lush. The most amazing experience of trekking in this season is the flower blossoms. The whole environment becomes vivid and vibrant with colorful flowers. The colorful rhododendron forests will leave you speechless.

Summer season (June to August)

Summer season is generally not preferred for trekking in Nepal as the monsoon begins with warm and moist air from the Indian Ocean. The rain makes the roads slippery. Even the skies are not clear. It is cloudy and blue patches can be seen from the clouds. The rain, mud, slippery paths, leeches and unclear mountain views make this fall not so good for trekking.

There are pros and cons to every season. You can make your choice on the basis of its suitability for you. “Star World  Tours and Travel” is there in your service whatever the month or season.