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Trekking in the upper Dolpa region gives an exposure to the High and isolated Himalayan valleys, resembling the Tibetan highlands. Dolpa first settled by Rokpa farmers and Drokpa nomads from Tibet in the 10th century. It is one of the highest inhabited places on earth, with scattered fortress-like villages and monasteries nestling among mountains of stark, ascetic beauty.  Peter Matthiessen’s “The snow leopard” and David Snell grove’s “Himalayan Pilgrimage” have contributed to the mystique and attraction of Dolpa. Both writers visited the Shey Gompa (11th Century), to the north of the Phoksumdo Lake, in inner Dolpa. Dolpa is Bon-pro country, where people practice a shamanistic religion predating Tibetan Buddhism. This upper Dolpa Region was open to foreigner visitors since 1992 and still requires a special permit.

This is quite a strenuous trekking. You have to cross three high passes, Nagdalo La (5350 m), the Shey La (5010 m) and Jeng La (5220 m). These crossings involve long climbs and long descents. The trails linger above 4000 m for long periods of time that results in very cold nights. That being said, the unforgettable landscapes, the views from the passes and the rare insight into a preserved culture makes it all worth it.

Duration: 21 Days
Seasons: April, May, September, October
Accommodation: Camping, Teahouse/Lodge, Homestay
Starting Point:
Ending Point: Juphal
Level of Difficulty:
/Adventure Trek

Restricted Area Trekking Permits (for Upper Dolpo $500 for 10 days and $50 for each additional day and $20 for Lower Dolpo), issued by the Immigration Office in Kathmandu and Shey-Phoksundo National Park Entry Permit issued by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu. Also available at the National Park entry point for a fee of NRS 3390 (subject to change).


Day 1: Flight Kathmandu – Nepalgunj
Day 2: Flight Nepalgunj – Juphal (2475 m), trek to Shyanta (2520 m) or Chhepka (2838 m) 5-6 hrs
Day 3: Shyanta/Chhepka (2838 m) – Chunuwar near Amchi Hospital (3110 m) 6-7 hrs
Day 4: Chunuwar (3110 m) – Ringmo village near Phoksundo Lake (3641 m) 3 hrs
Day 5: Ringmo/Phoksundo Lake (3641 m). Rest day and visit to Bon Gompa.
Day 6: Ringmo/Phoksundo Lake (3641 m) – Forest Camp beyond Sallaghari (3730 m) 6 hrs
Day 7: Forest Camp (3730 m) – Kang La Low Camp (4400 m) 6-7 hrs
Day 8: Kang La Low Camp (4400 m) – Shey Gompa (4310 m) via Nagdalo-La (Kang La) (5350 m) 6-7 hrs
Day 9: Shey Gompa (4310 m). Rest day.
Day 10: Shey Gompa (4310 m) – Namgung (4430 m) via Shey-La (5010 m) 6-7 hrs
Day 11: Namgung (4430 m) – Saldang (4060 m) 3-4 hrs
Day 12: Saldang (4060 m) – Chagaon (3840 m) 4 hrs
Day 13: Chagaon (3840 m) – Jyanta-La Base Camp (4550 m) 7 hrs
Day 14: Jyanta-La Base Camp (4550 m) – Tokyu (4210 m) via Jyanta-La/Jeng-La (5220 m) 7 hrs
Day 15: Tokyu (4210 m) – Dho Tarap (4080 m) 2-3hrs
Day 16: Dho Tarap (4080 m) – Toltol (3523 m) 6-7 hrs
Day 17: Toltol (3523 m) – Laina Odar (3370 m) 6-7 hrs
Day 18: Laina Odar (3370 m) – Lingdo (2390 m) 6 hrs
Day 19: Lingdo (2390 m) – Dunai (2140 m) 5 hrs
Day 20: Dunai (2140 m) – Juphal (2475 m) 3-4 hrs
Day 21: Flight Juphal-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu & trek concludes.

Important Note:

The above mentioned itinerary  from Kathmandu is 21 days trip, but it can be shortened or extended depending on how many hours of walking you fit into your days. It is strongly suggested to have 2 to 3 days surplus before and after the trek in Nepal to avoid flight cancellations due to bad weather conditions in mountain Flight. There are basic guesthouses in Juphal, Dunai, Kageni, Chhepka, close to Sanduwa (next to the Amchi Hospital), Ringmo, Shey, Saldang, Dho and Lingdo. At the other places you have to camp (day 7, 10-14, 16 and 17 of this itinerary).


(We guaranty that all your Individual information are kept safe, secret and confidential but you agree that we submit to concerned government offices for the permits and entry permits only)

  1. A copy of your international flight booking to pick-up you in arrival & departure.
  2. A Hard copy of your original passport with Nepal visa stamped on it for Special permit apply.
  3. A Photocopy of your Passport with Nepal visa on it for special permit apply
  4. Travel/trek insurance documents.
  5. Name list of Participants (Minimum requirement 2 persons).
  6. An Agreement with Nepalese Agency and Tour /Team Leader
  7. 4 Nos. of PP Size Photos.

800$ USD of the total cost would required to wire to the account of the agency and remaining payment can be made upon arrival in Kathmandu in cash. If you are already in Nepal, you may pay us directly in cash. We recommend wiring us through the Swift code, as electronic transfer is limited for small payments only in Nepal. For more detail on the cancellation etc. please read the terms & conditions.