Useful links to Travel/Tour/ Trek and Adventure related partner organizations, diplomatic missions, welfare organization

Ambassade de France au Népal
Ambassade du Népal en France
Alliance Française de Katmandou
Ecole Française Internationale de Katmandou
U.S. Embassy in Nepal
Embassy of Nepal in Washington DC (U.S.A.)
British Embassy in Nepal
British Counsil in Kathmand
Embassy of Nepal London
Embassy of India, Kathmandu, Nepal
Embassy of Nepal, New Delhi, India
Embassy of People’s Republic of China, In Nepal
Embassy of Nepal, Beijing, China
Embassy of Japan in Nepal
Embassy of Nepal in Japan, Tokyo
Australian Embassy in Kathmandu
Embassy of Nepal in Canberra, Australia
Embassy of Russia in Kathmandu, Nepal
Russian Centre of Science & Culture,Kathmandu
Embassy of Nepal in Moscow, Russia
Embassy of the Republic of South Korea, Nepal
Embassy of Nepal in Seoul, South Korea


Association Népal Enfance et Lumiere (Girls Education and Empowerment)
Association Chantal Mauduit Namasté (Girls Education)
Association Népal Avignon (Health, Education & Rural Development)
Association Pomme Cannelle ( At-Risk Children and Education)
Association Gers Himalayas (Child Education and School infrastructure development)
Association Sushi’s School (Girls Education and Empowerment)

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